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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Petite Butterfly Nosegay DIY project

Items Needed:
10-15 ranunculus                  
black spray paint
8-10 poppy seeds                  
super glue
floral wire                            
floral tape
fishing line                            
black paper
butterfly hole puncher          
black spray paint

1. To create this charming little bouquet you need some wire, floral tape, fishing line, black paper, a butterfly hole puncher, super glue and black spray paint.

2. Buy 1-2 bunches of white Ranunculus at the local flower or farmers market, along with some dried poppy seeds.

3. Because the handle of this little bouquet is supposed to be very delicate you should wire and tape each of the ranunculus and poppy seeds individually. For the ranunculus, you want to start by pushing the wire through the head or stem and bend the wire down.

4. Wrap the ranunculus stem and wire with floral tape

5. Cut the poppy seed stems to about an inch and spray paint them black. Once they are dry wrap the wire around the stem, then wrap floral tape around the entire stem and wire.

 6. Use the butterly hole puncher (available at an arts and crafts store) to punch several butterlies out of black paper. Attach pairs of butterlies to the fishing line (back to back) using dots of glue. 

7. Now you are ready to take all the wired and taped florals and poppy seeds. Put them together in a small bouquet. Take floral tape and wrap all the wires together. Cut the handle of the bouquet  to the preferred length.

8. Lay the strand of butterflies loosely over the bouquet using a few dots of glue to attach.

9. You did it!! Congratulations!!!

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