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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Decorative Bottles with Knob Bottle Toppers (how-to)

For the Inspiration to Reality photo shoot we created a Scotch Bar with a personal touch. Bottles were wrapped with twine or French striped ribbon to coordinate with the overall color palette of black and white. Knob toppers had a graphic element to them and were selected for their unique patterns and icons. Another special detail, the word “groom” written on one of the bottles, was added to designate the man’s drink of choice for the evening.

These bottle toppers could be custom tailored for all kinds of events and collected in an assortment of styles and colors. There is such a large selection of knobs on the market and the flea market is a great place to find these treasures.

Items needed:
Ribbons, twine or yarn (collect an assortment of ribbons or yarn that work well with your overall theme/color palette. Textures, patterns, stripes, dots…they are all fun to combine).
Glue gun with glue stick or fabric glue
Bottles (these could all be the same style or an assortment of shapes/styles/colors)
Corks (make sure that the corks fit the bottle openings, you can always cut the corks down in size if needed)
Knobs (these could be all the same style or an assortment of shapes/styles/colors)

Step 1:
Select the assortment of ribbons/yarn/twine that you would like to wrap around the bottles. Place a dot of either hot glue or craft glue on one end of the ribbon. Secure ribbon to the bottle exactly where you would like it to be displayed. It can be fun to have a row of bottles with the ribbon displayed at exactly the same height for a more tailored look or positioned at a variety of heights for a more eclectic feel. 

Step 2:
Pull the ribbon taut and wrap completely around the bottle. Fold the ribbon for a finished edge and secure with another dot of hot glue or craft glue.

Step 3:
Select the assortment of knobs that you would like to use as the toppers. If you are going to write words on any of them, use a permanent sharpie pen and add before going on to the next step.

Step 4:
Holding the knob in one hand, screw it into the cork stopper. If you’d like, secure the knob to the cork with a dot of glue. If the screw is longer than the cork, you can shorten the screw with a small hacksaw.

Step 5:
Fill the bottles with your favorite beverage, candy, notes, etc., and add the knob topper.

Step 6:
Pick the perfect spot to display your bottles. Enjoy!!!

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