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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hanging Gardens

After this week's post on indoor/outdoor spaces, this is a little extension with a bit more intention. We love the idea of these hanging or suspended plants. Individual arrangements or single botanicals create a garden that is both dramatic and simply stated. We love that many of these interpretations are inverted! 
Creating an upside down herb garden is perfect for adding some greenery to your kitchen without cluttering your precious counter space; we love these pots by Rockett St George

Check out String Gardens for some really inspiring and amazing creations including suspended florals, orchids, and even tress. 

For an added pop of color, these neon string moss balls  by mister moss are low maintenance and unexpected. 

Creating your own hanging garden can be as simple as potting some indoor plants into well chosen handmade vessels like the one here. We also love the look of these vintage lab beakers that could be mixed with various bud vases and other hanging glass vessels for a wild and loose collection of plants. 

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