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Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY Froggie Runner for Passover

Working in this cute little froggy table runner for a Seder event this weekend. This is a fun craft to do with little ones on just kraft paper or newspaper and they can color or paint the frogs themselves. For a sleeker look you can also just use green paper like we did here...

This is made from a snowflake template I found online and then adapted into a runner by connecting all the pieces. First start with a square. I just used regular 8.5 x 11 paper to make my template, so my square was 8.5"x8.5". Once you have your square sheet of green paper (and you'll need like 20 or so squares to make a runner) fold in half.

It should look like this

fold in half again (in the opposite direction) to get a little square.

then fold from corner to corner and you'll get a little triangle.

Once you've folded all your triangles, you can draw your frog onto each of the pieces.

you should have a bunch of little squares that look like this! Go ahead and cut out the frog shape on each.

unfold to reveal a little froggie grouping of 4. Tape or glue the feet of each section to the next to create a runner. I made a runner two sections wide by about 10 sections long. Enjoy!!!

here's an adapted template from Secret Agent Josephine. Her template didn't work so we sort of made our own... have fun!!!

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