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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tea Time

Its about that time... tea time! Everyday we stop in the afternoon to take a moment to have tea together. It gives us a chance to take a break, reconnect and relax before diving back into our projects. We love sipping tea and indulging in a little treat. Here are some of our favorite tea time traditions and mid day snack ideas! We love these chocolate dipped cookies in the shape of a tea bag from le P├ętrin!

In a perfect world, this is what our tea presentation would look like. Ours isn't far off, but we love these vintage jade green containers paired with classic white teaware. Its all about the details! Who wouldn't love to be served tea from such a cute and eye catching tray of goodies???

On some days, tea isn't only a tradition its a necessity. Love this little illustration by sweet william for any tea lover. Happy Tea Time!!!

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