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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love is Sweet

One of the places where a bride can add whimsy to her wedding is in the dessert presentation. We've designed many dessert displays for events of all kinds. We love a beautifully executed classic wedding cake, a light and airy display of tiny desserts of all sorts, a selection of les macarons in rows of pale colors or a pop of patterns and polkadots with candies in jars of all shapes and sizes. Cupcakes are a current favorite and shops all over the bay will accomodate a tasting so that you can customize your flavor to your event... for a little dessert inspiration we love Miette in Hayes Valley for their delicious macarons, delightful cotton candy and their unique variety of chocolates. The Candy Store in Nob Hill is a great place for sampling unique, high quality candies that would be great for a candy bar. Want something a little more unique? Pop into our favorite, Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous, for the most amazing ice cream you've ever tasted and discuss custom flavor options!

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