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Monday, June 13, 2011

Repurposing Maps

We love to find unique ways to reuse and repurpose materials. Sometimes this can be purely functional, but we prefer it to be pretty too, a part of the design aesthetic or theme for a project. One of our current favorites is vintage maps. We love using them for a travel themed event, or as a small detail that adds a graphic element or vintage touch...

old maps are great for making cards and envelopes!

...remember our teaparty post? How cute would it be to host a travel themed tea party with map buntings hanging from the treetops???

love the idea of using a map from the city where the couple was married or honeymooned as a photo mat or backing, thanks Martha!

One of our freelancers, Courtney, is going to be making paper flowers from maps for a wedding this fall. Check out the progress in an upcoming post!

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