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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

It was so much fun making our Easter Tree!!!

As many of you know Priska (my biz partner) is from Switzerland. It's always fun to hear the different ways that she celebrates the holidays back home and to see how she's continuing some of the traditions with her family here. Decorating easter trees is one of their festive holiday customs. The "trees" are a collection of branches in a fun vase of some sort adorned with beautifully decorated handblown eggs. What's wonderful about this "tree" is that it's something that you can keep for years to come. Each year you can add more beautiful eggs and it's also an item you can have on display for the month or entire spring season. We got busy and made some fun glittery eggs as well as some decoupaged floral eggs and ended up with a "shabby chic" easter tree.

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